[cold cough drinks what drug] _ medications how does _ treat –

[cold cough drinks what drug] _ medications how does _ treat –

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Cough now dispute of this kind of phenomenon often sees, when catching a cold because of the patient, the immune force of the body is poorer, this moment tonsil is affected very easily, can cause patient cough thereby, and a lot of people abandon talk come, when coughing to avoid long cough more than, must have treatment in time, so what medicine does cold cough drink to had been compared?

 Cold cough drinks what drug

The cold is one of diseases of common infection of the upper respiratory tract, no matter be the cough after cough during the cold or catching a cold, meet a patient to bring certain unwell sense, cold cough how treatment is the most effective, besides dietotherapy, how should the patient take drug to disease?

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The after be infection cough that say. The cough after the cold still treats a method without particularity at present, basically give priority to with be being treated to disease, medicationing still is the first selection that eliminates cough symptom.

The cold coughs, take medicine to should notice the following?

1, generation fights histamine medicaments and centre antitussive content, antitussive of short-term to the patient with partial cough apparent symptom application, fight histamine medicine to add decrease bloodshot agent to wait. To the cough patient of be caused by of common cold patient, centre sex relieves a cough medicaments (like right beautiful Sha Fen, codeine) alleviate the effect of cough is finite, do not recommend convention to use.

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Intense patient, be dry cough more or be little phlegmy cough, much more phlegmy cough cannot use antitussive, lest produce phlegmy fluid not to cough, the situation that former put oneself in another’s position of the secondary affection affects.

 Cold cough drinks what drug

2, after Na Mingzhi cure catchs a cold, oxygen of armour of medicine made of two or more ingredients coughs department of effective; Meng Lu is especially right remedy of the cough after infection is invalid, do not use. Inaccuracy of effect of the cough after coriaceous hormone cure catchs a cold cuts inspiratory candy, do not use.

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, evil of wind of department of the cough after the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to catch a cold makes lung, lung enrage the be caused by that lose a surname, if the cough after the cold appears cough white phlegmy circumstance, after be a cold more cold cough, in officinal can use lukewarm sex drug ” relieve a cough treasure piece ” laborious Wen Sanhan, relieve a cough treasure piece have in the light of urgent, chronic cough lukewarm and not dry, embellish and not be bored with, medicinal powder cold and do not aid heat, induce sweat and do not hurt, in dispel evil Yu Fuzheng, the characteristic of specimen give attention to two or morethings.

4, the person that cure disables, consider other cause of disease again and consult chronic cough diagnoses flow to have make a diagnosis and give treatment. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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The cough after pure support catchs a cold or the cough symptom of the medical history of infection of the upper respiratory tract and patient diagnoses infection may cause the leakage examine of EB, CVA, conditional when should undertake bronchus arouses experiment and examination of revulsive phlegmy cytology.

 Cold cough drinks what drug

5, patient of the cough after stubborn sex weighs disease to affect, in common treatment invalid circumstance falls, but coriaceous hormone treats short-term and inspiratory candy, in order to reduce cough sensitivity, improvement enrages tall reactivity.

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