[occasionally abrupt dizzy below good] _ is abrupt how does dizzy _ instant answer thing – with respect to good _

[occasionally abrupt dizzy below good] _ is abrupt how does dizzy _ instant answer thing – with respect to good _

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The fitness that has a few people is very weak, they may appear inside abrupt period of time fainting phenomenon, the likelihood has some of time is giddy only merely, can not faint, but breakneck still, be in especially a person when, if faint suddenly, probable conference appears a few accidents, most dizziness matters with heart head blood-vessel, so occasionally abrupt dizzy below good how be to return a responsibility?

Occasionally abrupt dizzy below good

This kind of giddy and primary cause is commonFall in love with the sea

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It is to cross sexual head to offer hematic inadequacy, brief Hei Meng can appear when the symptom is serious, consciousness is lost, can alleviate by oneself in a few minutes. Can behave only when the symptom is light for dizziness. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Its are common the reason is as follows:

1 blood-vessel confuses sexual faint its fit often has lureLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Because of, stand for long for instance; mood element is caused, the; such as scared, aching, dizzy blood, a fainting spell during acupuncture treatment is for instance carotid antrum press press, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Turn suddenly of the head moveShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Make, collar passes to wait closely.

This kind of faint produces faint of 2 scenes sex at specific scene the scene waits to fall after eat is being reached after micturition, deglutition, defecate, bellyacke, yock, motion for instance.

Occasionally abrupt dizzy below good

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The main inducement that low blood pressure of 3 postures sex comes on is posture happening change, for instance long after crouching, stand up suddenly, can feel giddy dazzled sometimes. The patient of long-term lie in bed, when rising suddenly, low blood pressure of sex of incidental also posture. When taking alcohol, certain pharmaceuticals, cause very easily also. If aged patient does not have afore-mentioned reasons, oneself also should notice to rise at ordinary times should slow.

The faint that reason of heart of faint of sex of 4 hearts source brings about often the most dangerous, the risk of sudden death is bigger. It is the target that we need key platoon to check. This divides again among them it is two kinds big: A implement qualitative sex heart disease. B rhythm of the heart is wrong. Need does heart colour to exceed mainly, electrocardiogram, the examination such as dynamic cardiogram.

Artery of base of vertebra of faint of sex of 5 heads source is brief in sexual convulsion is short of blood or producing soldier, have a headache etc syncope also may appear below the circumstance. Need makes the inspection of nerve division: Include examination of blood-vessel of resonance of CT, magnetism, head to wait.

Occasionally abrupt dizzy below good

Big much patient suggests to see nerve internal medicine. The basis breaks out toward medical history and illness already characteristic, also ministry branch is suggested to be checked to cardiovascular internal medicine.

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