[dry cough arrives have phlegmy fast good] sequential – of _ influence _

[dry cough arrives have phlegmy fast good] sequential – of _ influence _

Article introduction

Cold cough is particularly common disease in daily life, usually, not serious pass normally it is OK to take medicine very fast improve, the illness is more serious is to need to go to a hospital or outpatient service undertakes infusion perhaps gives or take an injection gift is nice, and if cough is more serious, it is to may be caused pneumonic, once appear pneumonic to the body be good atLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Health the harm is very big, does dry cough arrive have phlegmy fast good?

Dry cough arrives have phlegmy fast good

Does dry cough arrive have phlegmy fast good?

Dry cough is not to say to have phlegmy had been met, have phlegmy case, suffer from acute tracheitis likely also, basically bacterial infection is caused.

Acute tracheitis is the acute that causes by the element such as biology, physics, chemical stimulation or allergy tracheal – inflammation of bronchus mucous membrane. It is more send out, without popular tendency, aged body weak feels easily. Clinical symptom basically is cough and expectoration. Often happen at cold season or climate mutation. Also can not heal by defer of infection of acute the upper respiratory tract be caused by.

Have disease urgenter, systemic symptom is normally lighter, can have calorific. Dry cough is first or a few mucus are phlegmy, subsequently1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Phlegmy volume increase, cough aggravate, accompany blood occasionally phlegmy. Cough, expectoration can continue 2-3 week, if defer does not heal, can evolve chronic bronchitic. When accompanying bronchus convulsion, can appear the bosom that degree differs is fuggy hurried.

Disease often has the symptom that the upper respiratory tract affects first since, like n&v snuffle, shed tears, pharynx painful, cracked. Systemic symptom has spend Wei calorificly, gently cold, have a headache, systemic ache, systemic symptom is general 3~5 day but subsidise.

Dry cough arrives have phlegmy fast good

Begin to be excitant dry cough commonly, as catarrh symptom reduce, cough becomes outstanding symptom apparently gradually, since catch cold catch cold, inspiratory cold air, morning, sleep the posture is changed or the cough after manual activity accentuates. Cough symptom lasts commonly 1~3 week, the person that smoke but longerShanghai night net

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. If be infection of whooping cough bacili, cough symptom often exceeds 3 weeks of above, can amount to 4~6 week normally. Exceed half the number to be able to be accompanied have expectoration, often be mucus in the begining phlegmy, partial patient can turn as development of course of diseases the sex that it is pus is phlegmy, meet guttural and afflictive.

If different position is nose, tracheal, lung, stomach, the pathological changes of esophagus all can cause dry cough, its pathogeny is varied also, infectionA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, inflammation, allergic, countercurrent all can cause cough. Duration becomes acute to cough in the cough of 3 weeks of less than, its commonnest cause of disease is common cold, other and common cause of disease includes acute fit of rhinitis of nose sinusitis of bronchitic, acute, irritability, chronic bronchitic acute, bronchus is asthmatic!

The refreshment of the disease degree cannot rely on these symptoms to judge, still basically see his pathogeny interpretation of the cause, the symptom that cannot carry a disease simply will judge after healing. Nevertheless dry cough belongs to chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering of body resistance to bring about, resumptive time should grow possibly a bit, have phlegmy belong to solid evil to cause, resumptive possibility is faster.

Dry cough arrives have phlegmy fast good

What does the remedial principle of dry cough have

1, active cure the primary affection, lest accentuate illness.

2, the environment that active improvement lives, avoid allergen, often open a window ventilated, the attention is prevented cold be away for the summer holidays.

3, do not eat hot excitant food, avoid smoke wine, much draft fruit is vegetable.

4, keep pleasurable, when anything crops up not anxious.

5, take exercise actively enhance oneself strength.

In living actually, we still want those who take our fitness seriously to rise, want to strengthen physical training more at ordinary times, keep early hours, can hold to morning of period of time to run, the habits and customs with good nurturance, on food allLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Judge nutrition, have vegetable water moreLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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If really, enhance oneself immunity power, meet little fell ill.

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